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Automation and Vehicle Control Systems

Automation and Vehicle Control Systems study program aims to enable students to use and implement advanced technologies for the design, implementation, testing, exploitation and maintenance of processes and systems in industry and vehicles.

The objectives of the study program Automation and Vehicle Control Systems are:

  • to consistently apply European and world standards to high-quality studies in the field of automation and vehicle control systems;
  • that the educational process is conducted according to the study program and teaching methods that are constantly innovating;
  • that students master the most current knowledge and skills in this field, to become creative workers and thus gain a secure basis for successful employment.

By mastering the study program Automation and Vehicle Control Systems students acquire general and subject specific skills:

  • to follow and apply novelties in the profession (acquiring knowledge from general educational subjects and contemporary fields of automation and computing enable the success of the field of modern automation and computer-controlled processes as well as vehicle control systems);
  • to develop knowledge and skills in the use of knowledge (training for design, implementation and maintenance of processes and automation systems);
  • to use information and communication technology in mastering knowledge from the appropriate field (use of knowledge of the use of computer technology and devices, with general and specific application software, standards, rules and standards in localization and elimination of failures, as well as working principles and requirements of various electro- and mechanical systems in processes and vehicles);
  • to design and organize work processes, to design and make operational decisions on the scope, justification and monitoring of the operations of small and medium sized enterprises, car dealerships, specialized services, etc.;
  • to participate in team work and to be a full member of the professional and business team;
  • to continue further training in specialist studies.

Professional title

After completing basic applied studies in Automation and Vehicle Control Systems, students are awarded the title of Engineer of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies.

Head of the study program

Secretary of the study program

Curriculum - 2017 NPP - 2017
Course code Course ECTS Status Semestar
101307 Application Software 6 electable 1
101007 Electrical Engineering 7 mandatory 1
101107 Electrical Materials and Components 6 electable 1
100307 Engineering Mathematics 7 mandatory 1
101507 English Language 4 electable 1
100117 German Language 4 electable 1
101207 Physics 6 electable 1
140111 Basics of Vehicle Diagnostics 6 electable 2
120107 Basics of Electric Power Engineering 6 electable 2
101407 Basics of Informatics and Computing 6 electable 2
110107 Electronics 6 electable 2
140107 Mechanics 6 electable 2
140217 Signals and Systems 6 electable 2
110507 Analog Electronics 6 electable 3
140207 Control System I 6 electable 3
140907 Elements of Control Systems 6 electable 3
140407 Internal Combustion Engines 6 electable 3
130507 Microcomputers 6 electable 3
140307 Sensors and Actuators 6 electable 3
140311 Ignition and Injection Systems in Otto Engines 6 electable 4
140607 Control System II 6 electable 4
110907 Digital Electronics 6 electable 4
121007 Electric Drives 6 electable 4
140707 Measurements I 6 electable 4
140807 Motor Vehicles 6 electable 4
170807 Business Plan 6 electable 5
140411 Injection Systems in Diesel Engines 6 electable 5
141007 Measurements II 6 electable 5
111707 Power Electronics 6 electable 5
SP Professional Practice 4 mandatory 5
141307 Real-time Control 6 electable 5
ZR Final Project 8 mandatory 6
150607 Microprocessor Software 6 electable 6
121607 Renewable Energy Sources 6 electable 6
141407 Robotics and Automation 6 electable 6
141512 Stability, Safety and Convenience Systems in Vehicles 6 electable 6
110411 Telecommunication Services and Technologies 6 electable 6
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