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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies


Computer Engineering

The aim of the study program Computer Engineering is to train students for the use and application of existing technologies for networking, programming, application development, web technologies and e-business.

Goals of the study program Computer Engineering:

  • to enable students to deepen, improve and integrate knowledge as well as to apply acquired knowledge in solving concrete tasks and problems in the field of information technologies, thus gaining the foundation for career development and career advancement;
  • to transfer general and professional knowledge, to develop creative abilities and to enable students to master specific practical skills in the field of computer technologies and modern communication technologies;
  • offering high-quality studies to enable students to acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge that will meet current and future needs of employers in manufacturing, education and services in the field of information technology;
  • that students develop a sense of creative work, so creativity and innovation are a challenge, not an obligation;
  • to provide students with the knowledge and values necessary for their further personal development, professional development and career development;
  • Competencies of graduate students:

  • application of acquired knowledge in practice;
  • effective solving of practical problems in practice;
  • developing intellectual abilities as well as the ability of creative thinking in teamwork and independent work;
  • linking knowledge from your area of expertise to knowledge from different fields;
  • design, realization, maintenance and security of computer networks;
  • design and implementation of cloud computing;
  • design, programming and application of databases;
  • identifying and solving problems in calculating large amounts of data;
  • design, programming and application of software for wireless communication platforms;
  • design, realization, maintenance of information systems;
  • maintenance of practical teaching in the field of informatics and computing in high school;
  • self-monitoring of the development of the area, that is, the introduction and installation of new technologies in the field of computing and computer communications;
  • Acquired professional title

    After completing master applied studies in Computer Engineering, the student is awarded the title of Master Applied Engineer of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Head of the study program

Secretary of the study program

Curriculum - 2017 NPP - 2017
Course code Course ECTS Status Semestar
317218 6 mandatory 1
317201 8 electable 1
317209 8 electable 1
317204 8 electable 1
317205 8 electable 1
317202 8 electable 1
317203 8 electable 2
317206 8 electable 2
317207 8 electable 2
317208 8 electable 2
317211 8 electable 2
3172SP1 6 mandatory 2
317313 8 electable 3
317210 8 electable 3
317217 8 electable 3
317213 8 electable 3
317215 8 electable 3
3172SP2 6 mandatory 3
317216 6 electable 4
317212 6 electable 4
3172PIR 8 mandatory 4
3172MR 16 mandatory 4

Obaveštenje o Ugovoru o PT saradnji

Studenti mogu sa ove stranice da preuzmu tipski Ugovor o PT saradnji i o određivanju mentora iz organizacije. Sklapanja ugovora i dostavljanje overene odluke o određivanju mentora iz organizacije su potrebni da bi student mogao da prijavi PIR i master rad. Ovo nije potrebno za Stručnu praksu 2.

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