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Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

General information

All students activities are rated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, ECTS), so that each semester is awarded 30 ECTS credits. Specialist applied studies last a year or two semesters and are awarded 60 ECTS points. The studies were conducted in the form of class-based teaching (face-to-face) in Serbian. The study program is realized within the field of technical and technological sciences, the field of electrical and computer engineering.


After completing specialist applied studies, the student acquires the title of engineer of Information technologies and Systems -specialist appl.. According to the National Qualifications Framework of the Republic of Serbia (NFQRS), the completion of specialist applied studies is achieved at the sixth level, sub-level two (level 6.2). The requirement for acquiring this level is previously achieved level 6.1 (basic applied studies of 180 ECTS points).

Teaching and exams

Teaching is performed using one-semester courses. Student activities during the semester (pre-examination obligations), such as colloquiums, seminar work and homework, are scored. The ratio of the number of points earned in pre-examination and exams is determined for each subject individually, with pre-examination obligations participating with at least 30 and up to 70 points. The final exams are placed in the School within the appropriate exam terms, which are: January, February, June, September and October. By completing preliminary exams and taking the exam, a student can earn a maximum of 100 points, with a score of at least 51 points for a grade of 6, a score of 61 points for a grade of 7, a score of at least 71 points for a grade of 8, a score of at least 81 points for a grade of 9 and a score of at least 91 points for a grade of 10.

Continuation of studies

Upon completion of specialized applied studies, a student can enrol in master applied studies.

Head of the study program

PhD Perica Štrbac slika

Perica Štrbac, PhD

Office: 511

E-mail: perica.strbac@viser.edu.rs

Office hours
  • Monday: godišnji odmor, imejl
  • Tuesday: godišnji odmor, imejl
  • Wednesday: godišnji odmor, imejl
  • Thursday: godišnji odmor, imejl
  • Friday: godišnji odmor, imejl
  • Saturday: godišnji odmor, imejl

Secretary of the study program

BEng-spec.appl. Divna Popović

Divna Popović, BEng-spec.appl.

Office: 512

E-mail: divna.popovic@viser.edu.rs

Office hours
  • Monday: 12-14
  • Tuesday: 14-15
  • Wednesday: 14-15
Curriculum accredited in 2017. NPP - 2017
Course code Course Status ECTS credits
First year
1st semester
Students choose three of the following elective courses
230217 Ethical Hacking and Computer Network Penetration Testing elective 8
250113 Functional programming languages elective 8
230117 Intelligent Surveillance Systems elective 8
230317 IP Multimedia Service Security elective 8
230411 Techniques of Virtualization and Cloud Computing elective 8
2nd semester
Students choose three of the following elective courses
230211 Information Security Management elective 8
210113 Programmable Digital Systems elective 8
240712 Robotics elective 8
230611 Software Security elective 8
190607 Web Services and Technologies elective 8
ZR Specialist Thesis Work compulsory 12
Total ECTS credits per year 60